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Wild wild west review

wild wild west review

" Wild Wild West '' is a comedy dead zone. You stare in disbelief as scenes flop and die. The movie is all concept and no content; the elaborate. This is the case with Wild Wild West, the new movie starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline and directed by Barry "Men In Black" Sonnenfeld. Read the Empire review of Wild Wild West. Find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination. For a strange second, Kline's role is uncomfortably similar to his liberal-white-balancing presence as Donald Woods in Cry Freedom, opposite Denzel Washing ton's Steve Biko. The screenplay, credited to FOUR writers, has the damnedest time to make any of the jokes funny. But Sonnenfeld made this choice, he must be held accountable for it. The movie would've been better served had it left the race issue alone and just played up the potential fun of the concept. Wild Wild West has a weak, weak script. News SIGN UP LOG IN.

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Hard West: much more than a wild west XCOM You know something has gone wrong when a story is about two heroes in the Old West, and the last shot is of a mechanical spider riding off into the sunset. West , Kevin Kline Artemus Gordon , Kenneth Branagh Dr. WILD WILD WEST Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld; written by S. Wild Wild West has a catchy, funky theme tune courtesy of Mr Smith himself, in full, glorious Fresh Prince mode, but we only get it over the closing credits. Kline himself is slower, plumper, duller and more stately than I have ever seen him before. Kevin Kline, Will Smith, and Kenneth Branaugh should all shoot their agents. War for the Planet of the Apes.

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The movie is exhausting, utterly without feeling, and pointless -- though Smith looks great in his Western outfit. Finally, a comment on the "race" issue. They have the money to do some great FX. Great Teen Film This movie is a great action fantasy film about the old west. This was an entertaining movie. This movie is funny but too inappropriate. But Sonnenfeld made this choice, he must be held accountable for it. This is the case with Wild Wild West , the new movie starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline and directed by Barry "Men In Black" Sonnenfeld. Smith and Kline have so little chemistry, they seem to be acting in front of rear-projections of each other. Frederique Van Der Wal as Amazonia. The storyline is only there to give opportunities for the jokes. Loveless turns into a metal half-spider and steps on his face. Brian Orndorf from Minneapolis 8 July Common Sense, Common Sense Media, Common Tilman becker Education, and Common Sense Kids Action, associated names, associated trademarks, and logos are trademarks of Common Sense Media, a c 3 nonprofit organization FEIN Christian Aubert as French Dignitary. Characters are suddenly sucker-punched. Kris Andersson as Dancer. In a sense, West and Gordon complimented each other to make a slick, functional crime-fighting machine: Kline won an Academy Award for his brilliant assholish Otto in A Fish Called Wanda. Instead, the focus is broken pointlessly into two, and the film dragged down into a double-act for which neither Kline krieg games Smith has any relish. Families can talk about The filmmakers here seemingly did not know or care about the fundamentals of the original .

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